This technology does not require any wax or resin design from the technician. Because these are milled from one solid piece of lightweight titanium, the potential for weakness caused by soldering or laser welded joints is eliminated.

You receive a completed superstructure ready for prosthesis processing.

No polishing or retention creation necessary.

ZimVie Dental can even tap holes for attachments. Copymilled Bars are also available. 

Features & Benefits

  • Tested for a passive fit at the BellaTek Production Center
  • Both designs provide lateral stability to the overdenture
  • Designed and milled with CAD/CAM precision

Design Features

  • Finish Line
  • Emergence Profile
  • Implant Cylinder Extensions
  • Stability Struts

Ask for these design features on the BellaTek Bars And Frameworks Work Order Form (ZB0230).

BellaTek Dental Bars

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