TSV Implant Digital Lab Analog

Features & Benefits

  • Precise Representation of TSV Implants - The TSV Implant Digital Lab Analog is designed to be used with CAD/CAM fabricated models to accurately replicate implant placement to create definitive restorations through digital workflows
  • Proprietary Design - TSV Implant Lab Analogs accommodate and relieve TSV Abutment friction-fit geometry, preserving the abutment’s integrity
  • Accurate Placement - One-position locking design is a proprietary anti-rotation feature that ensures accurate hex timing

Digital Analogs for Certain Connection

The Certain Analog internal connection is color-coded by size for easy identification in the lab and the model.

Digital Analogs for External Hex Connection

Additional step in the apical design of the analog indicates the newer design that can be used in a 3D printed model.

Digital Analogs for TSV Connection

As part of a digital workflow, the TSV Implant Digital Lab Analog is designed to be used with 3D printed models to support the fabrication of definitive restorations. 

Digital Analogs for Certain and External Hex Connections

Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled Precision - The Certain and External Hex Digital Analogs are designed and manufactured to exact tolerances and specifications  in order to accurately replicate implant placement in a 3D printed model and stone model.
  • Dual Functioning Design - Our re-designed Digital Analogs can now be used in both a stone model or a 3D printed model workflow for cases using Certain and External Hex Implants.

Additional Information

To request a paper copy of the Instructions for Use, contact ZimVie Dental Customer Service